Valérie Dumaine’s Latest Collection Giallo-Inspired

October 1, 2010

Though Montreal designer Valérie Dumaine grew up obsessed with the glitzy 80’s glamour of shows like Dynasty, she looked to the 70’s and the Italian horror genre for her latest inspiration. While designing her fall-winter collection, Valérie turned to giallo cinema and in particular the works of Dario Argento.

“The aesthetic in his movies is so beautiful with all these splashes of reds, shattered glass, and beautiful dresses with Goblin music on top of this, fantastic!” she recently told the online fashion network Oligoville. I can’t say I blame her — watching Argento is a decadent and deadly sensory experience. The Italian genre aesthetic seems like a perfect match for the fashion world and Dumaine demonstrates this with dramatic pleating, edgy lines and sexy silhouettes. Playful names like Opera (pictured: a dress styled as distinctly as Argento’s film) and Simonetti (a blazer-esque coat, no doubt named after Goblin’s keyboardist Claudio) dot the collection. Asia Argento, Dario’s daughter, even gets her own dress — a deep v, cascading piece that only someone like her could pull off. As Dumaine expresses time and time again, “It’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it.”

Check out Valérie Dumaine’s website for more information. She’s currently selling at boutiques across Canada and hopes to find a US agent soon. You can purchase her collection online, however. Watch the video below showcasing some of her latest styles.


© Alison Nastasi, 2016