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Hot Boys

February 25, 2014

hot boys

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Lee Marvin for President

February 25, 2014


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‘David Holzman’s Diary’

February 25, 2014

“I don’t quite get her sense of privacy.”
Watching David Holzman’s Diary again. Love this scene when Penny wakes up and later when he meets the horny transsexual in the Thunderbird.
“Listen, do you wanna get laid or don’t you?”
“I think I’d rather make films.”



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Don Coscarelli Interview

February 25, 2014

And what about that apocalyptic Roger Avery Phantasm 1999 script? “Roger is a brilliant writer, and he wrote this epic, hyper-violent sequel, and I just don’t think anybody is going to fund this thing. Maybe we can get it out as a graphic novel or something.” My interview with Don Coscarelli is on FEARnet.

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Martin Amis Wrote a Review of ‘Child’s Play 3′

August 25, 2012

“In Britain, in recent months, two of the most sensational murder trials of the century have involved discussion of the same rental video; namely, Child’s Play 3. The first case was that of James Bulger, a toddler who was beaten to death by two ten-year-olds; the second case was that of Suzanne Capper, a teenager who was kidnapped, strenuously tortured, and finally set alight by a clique of young acquaintances. Child’s Play 3 has therefore been much in the news, and therefore much in demand. It, too, has been set alight, semi-ritualistically, by public-spirited managers of video-rental stores. When my two children (aged seven and nine) noticed Child’s Play 3 in its package, up on a high shelf, they regarded it with reverent dread. In their schoolyard voodoo, Child’s Play 3 was considered potent, venomous, toxic. It was like angel dust — a ticket to frenzy. So one afternoon I duly settled down to watch a routine little horror film about a children’s doll called Chucky that comes to life and starts killing people. The modicum of horror it inspires can be traced by to Freud’s definition of the uncanny: ambiguity about the extent to which something is, or is not, alive. Equally conventionally, such frights and shrieks as the film elicits have to do not with very scary things happening but with mildly scary things happening very suddenly. As the credits rolled on Child’s Play 3, I felt no urge or prompting to go out and kill somebody. And I also knew why. It’s nothing to boast about, but there is too much going on in my head for Chucky to gain sway in there. Probably the worst that Chucky could do to me is to create an appetite to see more Chucky, or more things like Chucky.

What we have to imagine is a mind that, on exposure to Chucky, is already brimful of Chucky and things like Chucky. Then, even if you mix in psychopathology, stupidity, moral deformation, dreams of omnipotence and sadism, and whatever else, Chucky is unlikely to affect anything but the style of your subsequent atrocities. Murderers have to have something to haunt them: they need their internal pandemonium. A century ago, it might have been the Devil. Now it’s Chucky. When the killers tortured Suzanne Capper, they chanted the catchphrase ‘I’m Chucky. Wanna Play?’ When the two ten-year-old boys began to throw bricks, James Bulger fell down and stood up again. ‘Just stand there,’ said one of the killers, ‘and we’ll get you a plaster.’ And then he threw another brick. This is Chucky’s way: the worthless joke, the worthless swagger. Here was a mind that had seen a lot of things like Chucky, and had nothing much in prospect but more things like Chucky. Perhaps, also, the child who spoke those words didn’t understand the meaning of earnest. As a result, he was all too ready to play.”

Amis and Chucky. Huh.

From The War Against Cliche: Essays and Reviews 1971-2000 by Martin Amis, originally published in the New Yorker, 1994.

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‘Hysterical Literature: Session One: Stoya’

August 5, 2012

“He’s filming women sitting at a table reading literature. The twist is the things going on below the table. I like these sorts of things… As I start reading, my disbelief is suspended. I forget what is about to happen… ”

Wear headphones, unless you’re home alone and have accepted that your cat thinks you’re a piece of filthy human scum. On a friend’s recommend that I might like the book, I added Necrophilia Variations by Supervert to my read pile. [via i’ll tumblr for you]

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‘Fashion Fetish’

August 5, 2012

Alongside the recently passed exhibition Selling Sex, SHOWstudio launched Fashion Fetish — a series of multimedia projects, films, and essays by industry women. Ruth Hogben, Daphne Guinness, Liberty Ross, Aimee Mullins, Asia Argento, and Dasha Zhukova were a few participants who commented on the “contentious and provocative” fusion of fetish and fashion. Although the exhibit is over, the website indicates new works will continue to be posted.

“Fashion Fetish hands the power entirely to female fashion professionals, asking them to address the notion of Fashion Fetish and examining their individual visions of women. In contrast with Selling Sex, which reimagines the female relationship with sex, Fashion Fetish focuses on a woman’s relationship with clothing. Although as fashion historian Anne Hollander has asserted, the nude in art always wears ‘The fashion of her time’ — fashion’s influence can be felt across the naked flesh, her body as ‘fashioned’ as a corseted ball-gown. Dressed or undressed, this project offers a clear field, a blank canvas and an open mind to a selection of some of the most important women working in fashion today — designers, stylists, models and image-makers — inviting them to present their own interpretation of Fashion Fetish. Their visual interpretations of the Fashion Fetish theme are then used as the inspiration for a host of female authors, journalists, and cultural commentators to ‘unpick’ fetish in a series of accompanying essays, each written to correspond with a particular piece.”

Supermodel Lily Donaldson channels seedy, amateur erotic footage in a film inspired by Furries.

Directed by founder and editor-in-chief of Garage magazine, Dasha Zhukova, starring Chloë Sevigny and fashion writer Derek Blasberg.

Asia Argento created a series of mesmerizing video diaries.

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Journal: Werewolf Communion [Week of July 30]

August 5, 2012

This weekend I attended a party where the drink of choice was communion wine. The standards for sacramental wine are different than consumer wine, which is why — perhaps naively — I didn’t think you could purchase it online. Apparently you can, but it’s really just wine made to altar wine standards — grapes only and “uncorrupted.” True altar wine is not sold to the general public. Angelica wine is the most popular altar wine. It’s a sweet, high-alcohol dessert wine that is believed to originate in Los Angeles, produced by Franciscan missionaries. You can buy a consumer variety over here.

At the same party, I ended up talking to a man who believes he’s a werewolf. So, that happened.

Sister Janet Mead rocks. [Spotted via David E. Williams]



The Colonial Theatre

I paid a visit to The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, which hosted its first show in 1903. Scenes from The Blob were filmed there. The balcony is still open to patrons.


James Bond

I’ve been writing a James Bond column for and was excited to spot these Bond girl makeup tutorials from Sam and Nic of Pixiwoo fame. Their videos are always beautifully shot, and the artistry is admirable. I don’t wear nearly as much makeup (or smear glue stick on my face, ouch), but I always pick up a few things to try out and learn about new products. They love recreating theatrical pop culture looks.

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‘The Master’ Trailer

July 20, 2012

“I took a second leave of my master; but as I was going to prostrate myself to kiss his hoof, he did me the honor to raise it gently to my mouth.”

Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift

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Ingrid Pitt in ‘Famous Monsters of Filmland’ January, 1976

July 8, 2012

This is a “filmbookette” mentioning the vampy Ingrid Pitt and her 1970 movie The Vampire Lovers in the January, 1976 edition of Famous Monsters of Filmland. (Here’s my ancient review of the film on Moviefone, then Cinematical.) I’ve created a downloadable PDF file, but if you have problems saving it, drop me an email for a copy. Enjoy!

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