Attend London’s ‘Sound of Fear: The Musical Universe of Horror’

August 8, 2011

Having just arrived in London for a stay — not on September 3 when Sound of Fear: The Musical Universe of Horror is going on — I’m distraught. Stephen Thrower (Fulci scribe and former Coil member) posted all the info on his blog for the Queen Elizabeth Hall event, where he’ll be joined by writer Kim Newman and composer of Friday the 13th, Harry Manfredini, to talk about the art of sound in horror films.

According to the event site (where you can also purchase tickets), there will also be some interesting performances — including Vicki Bennett of People Like Us, who I admit I am most familiar with through the Hate People Like Us remix album featuring the reworkings of Coil, Negativland, Death in June, Boyd Rice, and others. Alan Howarth will also be there performing selections from Escape From New York, They Live, The Fog, The Thing and more.

In other words, If you don’t attend this, you’re a damn fool.

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