Journal: “It lifts: and the Scenery is Falling Apart” [Week of June 6]

June 11, 2011

Writerly Things

The Life Zone’┬áTrailer Introduces Us to Pro-Life, Forced-Breeding Horror

‘Conan the Barbarian’┬áReveals Five Badass Posters – We Help Explain the New Characters

The Gory Glory of the Grand Guignol: Five Films Evoking Paris’ Infamous House of Horrors

What is a “Dim Sum Western”, and Has One Filmmaker Created a New Genre?

‘Human Centipede’ Sequel Banned From The UK MTV Movies Blog

Real-Life Titanic II Sinks on Maiden Voyage

‘The Master’ Conspiracy Theory: Will Smith Refusing ‘Django Unchained’ Part Based on Scientology Connection


Slowww week. Impromptu puppet show at 4 AM & hair hanger.

Ear Candy


Jenny’s things

Two blocks from my apartment and always taunting meeeee

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