Neo-Giallo ‘A Flash of the Blade’ Promises to be Next ‘Deep Red’

February 1, 2011

The surge in giallo’s popularity over the past year has been part bizarro world and part excitement — at least from a fan perspective. Everyone with a camera is apparently making a giallo film, and I’ve seen some good with the bad. There’s no telling what Scott Symon’s A Flash of the Blade will be like, at least until he starts filming in April — and if he makes his Indiegogo goal of $25,000.

Symon is certainly not short on confidence, as he states on his fundraiser page, “You can quote us on this: A Flash of the Blade will be the next Deep Red … the next Tenebrae.” I’m not sure I can swallow that, but he’s definitely got my attention. From the website:

“Nick Blakeman, an alcoholic, suicidal loner, witnesses the brutal murder of reporter Jessica French.  Jessica was covering a local serial killer and is believed to be his latest victim.  Nick quickly becomes obsessed with her murder and launches his own investigation.

While researching the case, Nick is disturbed to learn that he and the killer have something in common:  a psychological profile. Like a moth to the flame, he is drawn closer and closer to the source of the murders until he becomes a target himself … ”

Symon’s take on the genre promises to pay homage to all the greats from the ’70s. He’s even recruited John Steiner (Tenebrae) to play a supporting role in the film and has assured us that he’s aiming to tap other cult favorites to come on board. If the fundraiser pans out, filming will take place in Flint, Michigan. Keep up to date on A Flash of the Blade by visiting the movie’s Facebook page.

[via: Fangoria]

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